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Hormones, hormones, hormones!
Every pregnant mom knows them well.  But did you know that your body begins releasing joint relaxing hormones in the first trimester? They help loosen your pelvic joints so the baby has room to come and meet you.  They also loosen the joints of your spine and pelvis… the result can be back and hip pain.  Chiropractic care during your pregnancy can help relieve the pain, gently and safely. 

Common questions

Does it HURT?
No.  We use only apply soft-touch methods during pregnancy.  Our tables and pregnancy support pillows are comfortable for you and put no pressure on you or the baby.
Is Chiropractic SAFE during pregnancy?
Yes.  Safety for you and the baby is always our first concern.  We use techniques designed just for pregnancy and have been safely used for many years by doctors of Chiropractic.  Dr. Boesky has been specially trained and certified in pregnancy chiropractic care to assure that you are safely adjusted, every time. 
Can Chiropractic Care TURN a BREECH baby?
No.  A baby that is not properly positioned in the uterus can have many causes, including imbalances of the spine and pelvis.  Proper analysis of these areas by a Webster Certified DC can determine whether chiropractic care is appropriate for this problem.  If so, we deliver a focused approached to improve the function mother's spine and pelvis.  This increases the likelihood of the baby finding her way to a better position.
What training and experience does Dr. Boesky have in this area?
Dr. Boesky is certified in the Webster Technique by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA).  He began caring for his first pregnant mother in 1988.  Since then he has adopted this work as an area of primary focus along with pediatric Chiropractic care.  He is recognized by many of doulas, midwives, doctors and therapists as the chiropractor of choice during pregnancy.
What is The Webster Technique?
The Webster Technique is unique to Chiropractic.  It is a system of analyzing the spine, pelvis and ligaments that support the uterus.  Imbalances are addressed with gentle adjustments.  Many mothers come to a Webster Certified Chiropractor with a breech baby but it is not a "baby-turning" technique.  We focus on restoring better balance, alignment and function.  It is recommended that care begin early in pregnancy since it can take time to make needed changes.

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