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Dr. Andy Boesky
Here is the really short story:

In 1982 I got X-Rayed…I had spinal misalignment.  I got Adjusted.  I got Healthy.
I became a Chiropractor and began adjusting patients in 1988. 

I take care of newborns, kids, adults and seniors. 
We are a family practice that feels warm caring and professional. 
I became certified in pediatric and pregnancy chiropractic in 2011. 
I specialize in the Webster pregnancy technique and pediatric/newborn care.

I believe that Chiropractic helps sick people get well, and that people in pain feel and move better.

Here is the whole story:

In 1982 I was a senior at WMU.  I met a Chiropractor who was going door to door to promote the opening of his new office nearby.
At the time I knew nothing about Chiropractic.
I just thought it was about joints and bones…and back pain relief. 

He told me that Chiropractic was about restoring natural health by opening up the spine and nervous system.
Because of his genuine warmth and strong belief in what he said, I listened. 
The next day I became a Chiropractic patient for the first time. 
He X-Rayed my spine.  It showed alignment problems my medical doctor never saw. 

On that day he gave me my first adjustment.  When I left his office I felt revitalized and invigorated.  I was breathing better too.  I then realized
Chiropractic is more than just bones, joints and back pain.  This was about life and health. 

I knew that I wanted to be a Chiropractor.  After graduating from WMU I moved to Atlanta, Georgia to attend Life Chiropractic College.
I received my DC (Doctor of Chiropractic) degree in March of 1988.

I saw my very first patient in the fall of 1988.  I took an X-Ray of her spine and adjusted her spine. 
Just like my first adjustment experience she felt better.  I have been adjusting patients ever since and love Chiropractic more than ever. 
It changes lives in amazing ways…from pain relief to better health.

Many people only want pain relief and think that getting healthy with Chiropractic is for those other people. 
I get it…most people I meet at first feel this way. 

However, the vast majority of our patients that started care for pain-relief still get adjusted for health and wellness.  They feel better.

Whatever you believe about Chiropractic and whatever type of care you choose, I will always give you the best I have to give.
That is my promise as a person who cares and as your Chiropractor.

We have a large sign that hangs above the front desk in my office.  It says

Chiropractic... beyond relief... into wellness.
When you discover Chiropractic you will know why
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