Policies & Fees
Fee Schedule

Cash Fees
New Patient Exam/X-ray Combo $175 (or less depending on services rendered)
Spinal adjustment $47 Each
Spinal adjustment $37 (When purchased in quantities of 10 or more-22% discount)*
Spinal adjustment $32 (Student discount fee with valid College ID)
Individual Exams $50-125
Individual X-rays $60 (per area of spine)

* All unused pre-paid adjustments are promptly refunded to you if they were not used.
* Pre-paid adjustments can be donated to your family members if they need care too.
* Pre-paid adjustments can only be purchased when the doctor recommends 10 or more adjustments.
* Pre-paid or discounted fees cannot be billed to a third party once the fee is paid to us.
Insurance and 3rd Party Fees
Please inquire by phone or in person.  Our staff can help you find out what your benefits are. 


Our Commitments

  1. We only accept cases that we believe can be helped with chiropractic care. 
  2. We will treat the cause of a symptom but never the symptom. 
  3. We will be honest and straightforward in our chiropractic recommendations and treatment. 
  4. We will be honest and straightforward in all of our financial and administrative responsibilities with our patients. 
  5. We will treat you the way we would like to be treated, with respect and dignity. 
  6. If your children are patients we promise to treat them as good as you in a family-friendly environment. 


Our Policies

  1. If you cannot make an appointment please call so someone else can take your place.  Our phone # is 342-9090.  We are usually able to make a change in your appointment time, just ask!
  2. Please make payments at the time of service.  If you cannot afford the amount of care recommended let the doctor or staff know so we can help.  We have discount plans for families and individuals. 
  3. We ask you to respect and follow your recommendations regardless of your symptoms or pain.  Restoring spinal balance takes time, regularity and commitment.  If you choose to stop short of your recommended care plan please inform the doctor. 
E-mail or call us today for an appointment - (269) 342-9090