Policies & Fees
Boesky Chiropractic
Affordable Chiropractic Care for Families and Individuals

Fee Schedule

New Patients:
$125 new-patient evaluation fee includes X-Rays, initial Exam,
and a Report of Findings visit with Dr. Boesky
$75 new-patient evaluation fee for children, pregnancy, or when
X-Rays are not taken

Spinal Adjustments:
$38 when purchased as a pre-pay package of 10 adjustments:  $380
Why purchase a pre-paid package?
Prepaid packages do not expire
Prepaid packages can be shared with others in your household
Unused visits are refundable. 
$47 When purchased individually
$35 for college students with a current student ID

Exams & X-Rays:
Exams and X-rays on existing patients
$35 Exam
$30 for each X-Ray View

Payment terms and third-party billing:
Payment is due at time of service.
We do not bill to third parties.


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